The Therapeutic Benefits
of Knitting.

The Jury has returned, Knitting is Good for You! The therapeutic benefits of knitting have long been known to ardent fans of this ancient craft but recent research has been undertaken which has given a resounding thumbs up to knitting with the conclusion that it is very good for you.

It has been proven to be beneficial for those suffering from depression and stress as well as from physical pain.For those who are lucky enough to be fit, healthy and happy it is not only  a great way to relax and be constructive but the action of knitting, the mental
and physical co-ordination involved, is an excellent way to stimulate your brain and protect against cognitive decline and possibly even dementia as you age.

A study carried out by Betty Corksan with Cardiff University showed that the more frequently people knitted (more than 3 times per week,) the calmer and happier they felt. 81% felt happier after knitting whilst only 1% of those who were initially sad remained sad.

For people suffering from pain it is surprising what help knitting can be. Amongst other benefits it helps to relax you
and take the focus off the pain as you concentrate on the task in hand. The sense of achievement helps with confidence and the distraction it affords is one of the best analgesics.

For those suffering from depression it can be a great confidence booster and can help you to move from negative to positive thoughts. It can distract you from unpleasant thoughts and help to give you a sense of achievement and purpose along with something to enjoy and look forward to.

Knitting is good for the brain as it involves many skills. It is necessary to calculate, memorize and use a lot of hand to eye co-ordination. For people who live alone it can help to reduce the feelings of loneliness and again give you a sense of purpose.

The concentration necessary can be very relaxing, particularly if you are of a rather nervous or agitated disposition and can be very helpful in helping you to mange stress. The focus required and the calming rhythmical movements can be very relaxing.

These are just a few examples of the therapeutic benefits of knitting but they are in fact many fold and I am sure you can all add your own benefits to this list.

In addition we mustn't loose sight of the fact that knitting is just plain enjoyable and  a very worthwhile past time!

Telegraph Article by Tom Ough on the Therapeutic Benefits of Knitting.

Health Benefits of Hobbies, an article by Marie  Cannon

In fact if you have any stories of knitting helping yourself, or someone you know, overcome difficulties in their life we would love to hear from you and add your stories to our web site. Please send us your experiences.  

Help yourself and others by Knitting for Charity

Teaching Your Child to Knit

can help his/her mental and physical development.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Knitting

Knit for Health and Wellness by Betsan Corkhill

If you would like to find out more about the therapeutic effects of knitting you might be interested in the excellent Knit for Health & Wellness  book by Betsan Corkill who has carried out much research in this area. It is available from Amazon.co.uk

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Therapeutic Benefits of Knitting

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