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Teach Your Child
to Knit

children knittingChildren Learning to Knit

Teach your child to knit and give him or her a great start in life.

Recent neurological research has shown that mobility and dexterity in the fine motor  muscles, especially those of the hand, may actually stimulate cellular development in the brain, and so strengthen the physical foundation of thinking.These are just the sort of processes that are involved in knitting and studies have confirmed that the ability of a child to program a motor skill, such as knitting, shows a surprisingly close relation to reading. In fact the famous Waldorf Schools have, for over 75 years, been teaching children to knit before they learn to write or manipulate numbers and this has proved beneficial when progressing on to the more intellectual skills.

The rhythmical activity of knitting can also be beneficial to hyper active children as it is both soothing and constructive, as well as  helping to build confidence and self esteem with the  production of the knitted article.

The action of knitting itself  encourages in the child eye to hand control, a degree of self control and concentration. Only a steady and controlled hand can accomplish the fairly complex action of knitting and it is a marvelous way to help develop the powers of concentration in young children.

In addition, working with different colours and textures along with the planning of the article stimulates the creative side of a child and the finished product of course will instil confidence and a sense of achievement.

It is also of course  a wonderful life skill to bestow on any child which will no doubt give him or her much pleasure and satisfaction throughout life.

So give your kids a great start in life by encouraging them to knit, you, and they, will be well rewarded.

To get them started take a look at some of these super knitting kits om Amazon.
child knitting

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