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Selling on Etsy

selling on etsy

Selling on Etsy can be a good way to sell your knitted and crocheted items. If you are a talented knitter or crocheter, but do not have an immediate market for your work, then you might like to consider opening a shop on Etsy. Being on online outlet you have a worldwide audience and therefore have the opportunity to reach thousands of potential customers.

This innovative web site was started by Robin Kalin in 2005, a painter, carpenter and photographer from New York, who struggled to find outlets for his handmade wooden computers. Over time it has grown and expanded and is now recognized by many people as the place to look for unusual and individual articles and gifts. There are now many talented people making a living on Etsy.

However from the outset accept that  it is not  a get rich quick scheme but as it costs nothing to open your shop, only $0.20c to list an item, and Etsy's commission of 3.5% per sale is a lot lower than ebay's,  you really have very little to loose,and over time who knows you may develop a very good outlet for an enjoyable hobby.

Take time and do some research to see what type of knitted and crocheted items are selling on Etsy and at what price. Try not to repeat too much what is already available for sale but try to be innovative with the use of different yarns and patterns. As a new kid on the block you need to be competitive in your pricing but don't undervalue yourself,buyers can often be put off by lower prices thinking that this reflects on quality.

The main watchword when starting your  Etsy shop is patience. Plan your shop well, with a good, memorable name and a simple but attractive layout. Don't get carried away with design but focus on the articles you sell and above all have clear, sharp and attractive photos, this is the number 1 important factor in all online marketing.

Don't become disheartened if your items don't sell straight away, have confidence in them and yourself and accept that it will take time for your presence to become known on Etsy and for your business to grow.

You can find a lot of useful help and information about selling on Etsy on the web site itself, take time to peruse this, after all they are talking from experience and know what works well.

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