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Seaming Crochet Garments

Seaming  crochet garments neatly and correctly is equally important as their initial construction, poorly made up pieces will not do your hard work justice and may well go out of shape. Whereas neatly seamed crochet pieces will look more professional and hold their shape better.

You can work the seams either with a tapestry needle or a hook, try to use the same yarn as the main piece but if this is too bulky choose a matching, but finer yarn, that can be washed in the same manner.

back stitching your crochet pieces together

Back Stitch Seam using tapestry needle.
This will produce a firm seam that resists stretching and is best used for hard wearing garments and articles such as crochet bags or areas, like a shoulder seam, where firmness is required.

Hold the crochet pieces with right-sides together, pinning them if necessary,being sure to match the stitches or row ends together.

Step 1: Secure seaming yarn on wrong side at start of the seam. Pass needle through both pieces,from front to back in first stitch. Then bring needle back to front through the first stitch to the left.

Step 2: Pass needle to back,at the same spot worked in Step 1. Then bring needle to front in 2nd stitch to the left.

Step 3: Pass needle to back in first stitch to the right where the needle came through in previous stitch. Bring needle to front in 2nd stitch to the left.

Repeat Step 3 to complete seam. Secure end of seaming yarn.

working a woven seam for your crochet garments

Woven seam using tapestry needle.
This seam is flexible and flat, making it suitable fine work and baby clothes.

Lay your crochet pieces pieces wrong sides up with edges touching.Use a tapestry needle and matching yarn to weave round the edge stitches as illustrated.Take care not to pull the stitches too tightly,the seam should stretch as much as the work itself.

How to work a slip stitch crochet seam

Slip Stitch Seam using a crochet hook.
You may work this seam with your crochet pieces either right or wrong sides together. If the former the seam will be on the inside,or with the latter the seam will show as a ridge on the right side of the work.

Insert your crochet hook into the corresponding stitches of each edge to work one slip stitch through each pair of stitches along the seam. fasten off securely.

You can either insert the hook under both threads of each stitch, as illustrated, or under the back look of the nearer edge and the front loop of the further edge, this will produce a less bulky seam.

working a double crochet seam

Double Crochet Seam with hook.
This seam may also be worked with either right or wrong sides together so that it appears on either the inside or outside of the crochet article. Work in a similar fashion to the slip stitch seam but using  double crochet stitch.

Crochet Stitches

Crochet Abbreviations

Learn to Crochet

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