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Make a Ponpom

How to Make a Ponpon
Add a touch of bedazz to your outfits with Ponpoms!

Pompons make bold and striking trimmings to a hat, scarf or even on a garment when the pattern requires them. Make them in matching yarn or add a touch of colour by using up oddments from your work box.

How to make a ponpom
How to make a ponpom

1,With 2 thicknesses of cardboard and using a compass or circular object draw a circle, the size of the finished ponpom. Draw a 2nd circle inside the first with a diameter just under a third of the diameter of the outer circle. Cut out the circles and their centres carefully.

2,Place the 2 circles together. Thread a blunt needle with a long, double length of yarn and wind it around the circles as evenly as possible until it is no longer possible to thread any more yarn through the centre hole.

3,Slip one blade of a sharp pair of scissors between the two pieces of card and cut through the yarn all round the outer edges of the circle, taking care not to cut the card.

4, Ease the 2 pieces of card apart gently and use a length of yarn to tightly secure the centre of the pompom.Leave the ends of this yarn to attach the ponpom.

How to make a ponpom
How to make a ponpom

5,Continue to ease the circles of card off the pompom carefully- they can be used again to make another ponpom.

6,Fluff the ponpom into shape, trimming off any uneven lengths of yarn.

How to make a ponpom

This 8 piece Pompom Maker Kit from Amazon gives you 8 different size re-usable pompom templates, and takes all the guess work out of making perfect pompoms!

How To Make a Fringe

The Knitting Wool Store Knitting Techniques How to Make  a Ponpom

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