Learn to Crochet

When you first learn to crochet it is important to master the correct way to hold your crochet hook and control the supply of yarn.

These 2 seemingly rudimentary processes are in fact  of vital importance when you first learn to crochet as they will determine the comfort and ease with which you work as well as helping you to be able to master the all important aspect of working to the correct tension.

A selection of yarns suitable for crochet

how to hold your crochet hook

Holding the Hook.
The hook is held in the right-hand ( if you are right-handed). There are 2 ways to hold a crochet hook as illustrated above:-

a, is like a pencil and b, is like a knife. In both, the hook should be held face downwards, experiment and find which is the most comfortable for you.

(if you are left-handed then hold the hook in that hand and the yarn in your right.)

how to make a slip knot

Making a Slip Knot.
The next step is making a slip knot as almost all pieces of crochet will begin with one.

Step 1,Loop the yarn in the direction illustrated,insert the hook through the loop,catching the yarn leading to the ball, not the short tail, and pull it through to make a loop.

Step2,Pulling gently on both ends tighten the knot against the hook.

how to hold the yarn when learning to crochet

Holding the Yarn.
When you begin to crochet it is very important to learn to accurately control the supply of yarn so that it is neither too loose nor too tight as this will affect your tension ultimately the success or failure of your crochet project.

If you are right-handed the left-hand will control the yarn and one method is to wind the yarn around the fingers, as illustrated. To form a stitch the first finger is used to bring the yarn into position so it can be caught by the hook and so pulled through to make a new loop.It is important to note in the illustration the direction of the yarn around the tip of the hook.

Learn to Crochet

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