Ladies Jumper Pattern in Tulip Stitch

Ladies Jumper Pattern in Tulip Stich- whilst we hope this free knitting pattern works out well for you The Knitting Wool Store disclaims responsibility.

Size: 86(92,97)cm. 34(36.38)in.

Materials: 2(3,3) x 100g balls Alize Gold Simli, colour illustrated Lilac no. 27.

Needles: 4mm and 5mm straight knitting needles. Cable Needle.

Tension: 20sts.x 24 rows = 10cm.sq. worked on 5mm needles in reverse st.st.

Special Abbreviations:
Cr3B Cross 3 back as follows: slip next st onto cable needle and leave at back of work, k2 then k1 from cable needle.
Cr3F Cross 3 front as follows: slip next 2 stitches onto cable needle and leave at front of work,p1 then k2 from cable needle.
C4B Cable 4 back as follows: slip next 3 stitches onto cable needle and leave at back of work, k1, then k3 from cable needle.

Instructions for Ladies Jumper Pattern

Back:Using 4mm needles cast on 94(98,102)stitches.
Rib Row 1: K2,*p2,k2,repeat from * to end
Rib Row 2: P2,*k2,p2,repeat from * to end
Repeat these rows for 6cm/2.25in ending with rib row 1.
Inc.Row: Rib 3(3,6) *M1,rib 8(7,6) rep from* to last 3(4.6)sts.M1 rib 3(4,6) 106(112,118) stitches.
Change to 5mm needles and work in pattern as follows:

Row 1 : (RS) P7(10,13)*C4B,p7,rep from * to last 11(14,17)sts.C4B,p7(10,13)
Row 2:
K7(10,13) *p4,k7, rep from * to last 11(17,17) sts.p4,k7(10,13)
Rows 3-16:
repeat rows 1 and 2 seven times.
Row 17: P7 (10,13)*K2, then into loop between st. just worked and next st on left. hand needle work [p1,k1]twice, k2*,p7,[C4B,p7] 5 times, rep from *to* once,[p7,C4B]twice,p7(10,13),
Row 18:K7(10,13),[p4,k7]twice,* [p2.k1]twice,p2*,[k7,p4] 5 times,k7,repeat from *to* once,k7(10,13)
Row 19: P6(9,12),**Cr3B,p1,k2,p1,Cr3F*,p6,[C4B,p7]4 times,C4B,p6,repeat from *to* once,p6,C4B,p7,C4B,p7(10,13)
Row 20: K7(10,13)p4,k7,p4,k6,*[p2,k2]twice,p2,*k6,[p4,k7]4 times,p4,k6,repeat from *to*once,k6(9,12)
Row 21: P5(8,11),*Cr3B,p2,k2,p2,Cr3F* p5,[C4B,p7]4 times,C4B,p5,repeat from *to* once, p5,C4B,p7,C4B,p7(10,13)
Row 22:K7(10,13)p4,k7,p4,k5,*[p2,k3]twice,p2* k5,[p4,k7] 4 times,p4,k5,repeat from *to* once,k5(8,11)
Row 23: P5(8,11),*[k2,p3]twice,k2*p5,[C4B,p7]4 times,C4B,p5,repeat from *to* once,p5,C4B,p7,(10,13)
Row 24: As row 22
Row 25: P5(8,11),*k2tog,p3,k2,p3,skpo* p5,[C4B,p7]4 times,C4B,p5,repeat from *to* once,p5,C4B,p7,C4B,p7,(10,13)
Row 26: K7(10,13) p4,k7,p4,k5,then *k4,p2,k4,then k5,[p4,k7]4 times,p4,k5,repeat from *to* once k5(8,11)
Row 27: P4(7,10),then *p5,k2tog,p5* then p4,[C4B, p7] 4 times,C4B,p4, repeat from *to* once, p4,C4B,p7,C4B, p7(10,13)
Row 28: K7(10,13),[p4,k7]twice,*p1,p2tog,p2*,[k7,p4] 5 times,k7,repeat from *to* once,k7(10,13)
Rows 29 & 30:as rows 1 and 2.
Rows 17 to 30: set the tulip motif pattern.
Next Row:P7(10,13),[C4B,p7] 3 times,rep from *to* in row 17 once,[p7,C4B]5 times,p7(10,13)
Next Row: K7(10,13),[p4,k7]5 times,repeat from *to* in row 18once,[k7,p4] 3 times,k7(10,13)
The last 2 rows set the position for the next motif.
Continue in patt. placing motifs and shaping for back as given on chart.

Front:Work as given for back, working shaping for front as indicated on chart.

Sleeves:Using 4mm needles cast on 40(44,48) stitches abd work in rib as given for back for 6cm/2.25in.ending with rib row 1.
Increase Row: increase 8 stitches evenly along row to 48(52,56) stitches.
Change to 5mm needles and work in pattern as follows:
Row 1:(RS) p1(3,5),*C4B,p7,repeat from * to last 5(7,9) stitches C4B.p1(3,5)
Row 2: K1(3,5) *p4,k7,repeat from * to last 5(7,9) stitches p4, k1(3,5)
Continuing in patt and placing motifs at random as desired inc. the work into pattern by 1 stitch at each end of next and every following 4th. row 9 times then every 6th row to 88(92,96) stitches.
Work to 43cm/16.75in.

Shape raglan as follows:
cat off 2 stitches at beg. of next 16rows and then decrease 1 st. each end of every rt side row to 18(20,22) stitches.
End with wrong side row, cast off.

Join raglan seams leaving left back raglan open.
With rt.side facing and using 4mm needles pick up a knit 14(16,18)across top of left sleeve,13(14,15)down left front,17 stitches across centre front,13(14,15)up right front, 14(16,18)across top of right sleeve and 38(40,42)across back of neck.
Work in rib as given for back for 8cm/3in. Cast off in rib.

Making Up:
Join left back raglan seam and neck seam. Join side and sleeve seams. Fold neck band in half and slipstitch into place.

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