Ladies Jumper Knitting Pattern

Ladies Soft & Fluffy Jumper

Ladies Jumper Knitting Pattern- whilst we hope this free knitting pattern works out well for you The Knitting Wool Store disclaims responsibility.

Size: 30/32/34/36/38/40 inches - 76/81/86/91/97/102 cm

Materials: AlizeAngora Gold Batik( model shown in   2630.)

STRAIGHT NEEDLES 3.25 and 4 mm

Standard Abbreviations

Special Abbreviations:-
M1- make a st by picking up the horizontal loop lying before
next st and working into back of it.
C2B or C2F- Cross back or cross 2 front, slip next st onto
cable needle and leave at back or front of work, K1 then K1
from cable needle.
T2B- Twist 2 back,slip next st onto cable needle and leave
at back of work,K1 then P1 from cable needle.
T2F- Twist 2 front,slip next st onto cable needle and leave
at front of work,P1 then K1 from cable needle.
KB1-knit into back of next st.

 Ladies Jumper Knitting Pattern Instructions

Front: - With 3.25mm needles cast on 81 [85/91/95/101/107] sts.
Row 1:  K1,*P1, K1; rep.from * to end.
Row 2: P1,*K1,P1; rep.from* to end.
Repeat these 2 rows for 9cm, ending with 1st.rib row.
Inc. Row: Rib 1[1:4:4:1:4] sts,* M1,rib 2 sts; rep from *
to last 2 [2:5:5:2:5]sts,M1,work 1 st M1 rib to end.
122 [128:134:140:152:158] sts.

Change to 4mm needles and pattern.
Row  1:P3,C2b, *P4,C2B; rep from * to last 3 sts. p3.
Row  2: K3,P2,*K4,P2;rep from * to last 3 sts.K3
Row  3: P2 ,*T2B,T2F,P2; rep from * to end.
Row  4: K2,*P1,K2; rep from * to end.
Row  5: P1,*T2B,P2,T2F; rep from * to last st,P1.
Row  6: K1,P1,K4,*P2,K4; rep from * to last 2 sts.P1,K1.
Row  7: P1,K1,P4,*C2F,P4;rep from * to last 2 sts.K1,P1
Row  8: As 6th.row.
Row  9: P1,*T2F,P2,T2B;rep from * to last st.P1.
Row 10: As 4th.row.
Row 11: P2,*T2F,T2B,P2; rep from * to end.
Row 12: As 2nd. row.
Row 13: As 1st. row.
Row 14: As 2nd row.
Row 15: P3,K1,yfwd,K1,*P4,K1,yfwd,K1;rep from * to last 3 sts.P3.
Row 16: K3,P1,yrn,(P1,K1) into next st.yfrn,P1,*K4,P1,yrn,(P1.K1)
into next st.yfrn,P1;rep from * to last 3 sts.K3.
Row 17:P3,K1,KB1,K2,KB1,K1,*P4,K1,KB1,K2,KB1,K1; rep from * to
last 3 sts.K3.
Row 18: K3,P6,*K4,P6; rep from * to last 3 sts.K3.
Row 19: P3,K6,*P4,K6;rep from * to last 3 sts.P3.
Row 20:As 18th.row.
Row 21: P3,Sl1,K1,PSSO,K2,K2tog.*P4,Sl1,K1,psso,K2,K2tog;rep from *
to last 3 sts.P3.
Row 22: K3,P4,* K4,P4; rep from * to last 3 sts.K3.
Row 23: P3,Sl1,K1,psso,K2tog.* P4,Sl1,K1,psso,K2tog;rep from * to
last 3 sts.P3.
Row 24: As 2nd row.

These 24 rows form the pattern, continue in pattern until front measures approx. 52 cm. or required length,ending with a 1st. row of pattern.

Shape Neck- Note -the extra sts. made on 15th & 16th. pattern rows and lost on 21st. and 23rd. should not be  counted during shaping.

Row 1: Patt 52[53,55,58,63,66] sts.turn, leaving remaining sts. on a holder.
Dec1 st at neck edge on next 7[7,7,7,9,9] rows,then on following 3 alt. rows.
42[43,45,48,51,54] sts. remain,( see note).Work 11[11,13,13,13,13,]rows without shaping ending with the 2nd [4th,4th,6th,6th] row of pattern, cast off.

With right side facing slip centre 18[22,24,24,26,26] sts.onto a
stitch holder,rejoin yarn to neck edge of remaining
52[53,55,58,63,66] sts.and pattern to end.Complete to match 1st.side

Back:- Work as for front, continuing in pattern until back measures same as front to shoulders.
Next Row: Cast off 1st. 42[43,45,48,51,54] sts. K3[2,3,3,4,4] (including stitch on right hand needle after casting off),(k2tog.K3[4,4,4,3,3])
6 [6,6,6,8,8] times,K2tog,K3[2,3,3,4,4]slip these 31sts.onto
a stitch holder for neckband,cast off rem 42[43,45,48,51,54] sts.

Sleeves:-Note the extra sts. made on 15th & 16th. pattern rows
and lost on 21st. and 23rd. should not be  counted  during shaping.

Using 3.25mm needles cast on 43[45,47,49,51,53]sts. and work
6cm in rib as given for front ending with a 1st row.
Inc. Row: Rib 7[6,8,7,9,8]*M1,work 1 st;rep from * to last
6[5,76,87]sts.M1,rib to end.74[80,80,86,86,92]sts.

Change to 4mm needles and work 6 rows in pattern.Working inc.sts.
in reverse st.st.inc.1 st at each end of next and every following
6th[6th,5th,5th,5th,5th]row 16[16,18,18,20,20] times in all.
106[112,116,122,126,132] sts.

Work without shaping until sleeve measures 45cm, or required length ending  with 2nd. or 14th. row of pattern. Cast off.

Make Up & Neck band:-
Join left shoulder seam.With rs facing slip sts.at back neck
onto 3.25mm needles then rejoin yarn and continuing on from
these sts pick up and k21[21,23,23,25,25] down left side of neck.
K across sts at centre front,decreasing 4 sts evenly, pick
up and k21[21,23,23,25,25] evenly up right front of neck.
87[95,103,103,113,113] sts.

Work 8cm in rib as given for front starting with a 2nd. rib row.Slip sts. onto a length of yarn. Join right shoulder and neckband seams.Fold neckband in half to ws and slip stitch loosely in place, allowing for stretch and taking care to catch every stitch.

Place centre of sleeve top at shoulder seam,sew evenly in position along back and front edges, join side and sleeve seams.

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