Knittygritty Beginners Knitting Book

knittygritty beginners knitting book

The Knittygritty beginners knitting book by Aneeta Patel is a super introductory book to the wonderful art of knitting. It really does start from the ground up and she has even had the instructions and patterns in the book road tested by complete new knitters and taken their criticisms and suggestions on board.

Here is what a few people have said about Knittygritty beginners knitting book-

'This is one of the best beginners knitting books I have ever seen' --Read Craft Newsletter, Oct-Dec 2008

"Full of absolute beginner-proof instructions and patterns. The must-have accessory this winter " --The Sunday Telegraph

"This comprehensive resource is a must-have for the new generation of knitters" --Craftsman Magazine.

"I was given a "Learn to Knit" book for Christmas and it's rubbish. I just ended up feeling frustrated.... so I searched Amazon for something decent and read the positive reviews of this book,- Knittygritty beginners knitting book - I'm so pleased I bought it. Projects start simple and build up to more complex work. Good "trouble-shooting" section. Brilliant explanations of how patterns are written (which, as a complete novice, seemed like a foreign language to me!). Yes, there are lots of projects that involve children's clothes but, for me, that's not a criticism - personally I need small projects to get me started and keep up my momentum!! I have a concern though - this book has made knitting seem so fun and easy I'm going to spend a fortune on wool!!!!

If you're a complete beginner and need a book to get you started (and keep your interest in the beauty and fun of knitting) then this is definitely the book for you!!!"

"I received this book for Christmas 2011, having never held a pair of knitting needles in my life. Within a week, I was halfway through knitting my first scarf - and I haven't looked back since!! A year on, I've knitted scarves, hats, bootees, flowers and cardigans...and even developed the confidence to try designing my own stuff - my boring page-to-day work diary now has a wooly cover that's the envy of all my work colleagues (actually I think they're all having a good laugh at my expense...but I'm proud of my wooly diary!!)

Back to the book. For a true beginner like myself, this book is truly fabulous. I love the way it's set out, for starters. Most books that aim to teach are new hobby are set out so that all the techniques are at the beginning, then there's a section at the back for prjoects. I've always found this so frustrating: you turn to the first project in the book because you're enthusiastic and rearing to go....but you end up having to flick back through all the techniques pages each time you encounter a new step requiring a skill you haven't mastered yet.

Not so with Aneeta Patel. This book is laid out as a series of tutorials; two to three at a time. So...once you've mastered casting on, basic stitches and casting off...you're ready for your first scarf. Finished? OK, time for some new information to add to your repertoire: decreasing stitches. Now, you can cast on and off, knit a basic stitch and decrease. Why not try some simple bootees? You get the idea. You could almost treat this as a workbook: go all the way through from beginning to end, and you will have mastered all the skills in the book; and (the best part), you will have loads of finished items to show for it!

Clearly written with excellent pictures (bravo that photographer - it can't be easy to illustrate something this intricate so clearly); I'd recommend this book (and its follow-up) to anyone wanting to learn to knit. It's like having a real-life knitting teacher with you the whole time."

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