Knitpro Symfonie Knitting Needles

Knitpro Symfonie Knitting Needles

Knitpro Symfonie Knitting Needles are the last word in high quality luxury knitting needles. Made from densified laminated birchwood they are wonderfully crafted, smooth, sharp tipped and beautifully coloured.

The ultimate in knitting needles, they are very comfortable to knit with and can be a special bonus if you have problems with your hands when knitting for long periods. Many people have reported increased knitting speeds due to the smooth finish and the sharp tips.

This set includes 8 pairs of needles ranging from 3.5mm -8.00mm. The come in a lovely sturdy case with extra loops to accommodate two additional pairs.

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What a few people have said about Knitpro Symfonie Knitting Needles

"Knitpro knitting needles are the ultimate knitting product. I have a problem with my hands and find that metal needles make them very sore and tired, however with Knitpro I'm able to knit for a longer period. Well done Knitpro.This set comes in a lovely smart holder so storage of them is sorted.

Ordering from Amazon was so easy, order one day and the knitting needles arrived the next."

"Arrived yesterday and I'm in heaven I'd already been introduced to wooden needles and would never go back to aluminum but decided to treat myself as just been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis These needles are the creme de la creme. Didn't think I could improve on my speed but due to the amazing smooth finish I was wrong! They are pricey but as others have said well worth it and as they come in their own case no more hunting down the side of the sofa. When not knitting am waiting at the front door like an eager Labrador as have ordered the semifine circular starter kit."

"I too splashed out on these needles and have not looked back, they have sharp points without splitting the yarn, warm and light to hold, my knitting speed has certainly increased. I will never use metal needles again!"

"A really gorgeous set...beautiful to look at and splendid to use. Very smooth and strong.....they make me feel a professional as soon as I pick them up. I added three pairs of the smaller sizes, not in the original set. There were spaces for two additional pairs and the third just slots in between. Very highly recommended."

"I've used a few pairs of needles from this set so far. From the smallest to one of the larger sizes & they're very comfortable in the hand. I hope to get a long life out of these.. Love them. They're so light in the hands & even the smaller sizes feel very solid."

"I do a lot of knitting but sometimes my hands would ache after a long session of knitting with steel or plastic needles. My husband bought these Knitpro Symfonie Knitting Needles for my birthday and they are fabulous! Smooth to use, and totally terrific! They are the best needles I have ever used. The case they come in is elegant too. Highly recommended."

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