KnitPro Stitch Markers

KnitPro Stitch markers

Pack of 30 KnitPro Stitch Markers, a very useful accessory for all knitters and crocheters.

These are well made sturdy markers in a soft plastic which does not go brittle and break. The catches are easy to open and close, they have no rough edges to snag on your yarn and slip smoothy on your needles or hooks.  Altogether they make marking your knitting or crocheting an easy task.

Here is what a few people have said about KnitPro Stitch Markers

"These are the best of their kind. I think they are soft plastic as they seem far more robust than the cheaper brittle plastic stitch markers also available from Amazon.

All my knitting friends advise me, incidentally, to keep stitch markers open when not in use as this lengthens their life, don't know why but I do it all the same.

If you need easy-to-use stitch markers, these are the ones.

I have just ordered another two sets of these purple and green ones using the Add on facility where they will be shipped free of charge with the rest on my order since they are a cheap item which is uneconomical to post separately."

"Definitely last better than cheaper ones. Had them a while now and none have snapped.""

"Wouldn't be without these, super useful when crocheting to mark stitches/rows/rounds etc or to hold your loop when putting and unfinished project away for a while. I have bought cheep versions of these but they are made of a brittle plastic that breaks when they are closed, these knitpro stitch markers are made of a flexible plastic and none of these has ever broken for me. I love the colour of them too!"

"These stitch markers are lovely and bendy unlike the cheaper alternatives that are a harder plastic that snaps easily. So much better and fairly inexpensive, I wish I had bought these in the first place!"

" I have to say that I'm impressed with these stitch markers.
I'm crocheting a project at the moment that requires the use of quite a few markers, and the ones I already have tend to break after being opened and closed just a few times, so I thought it was worth adding these KnitPro markers to my order of new crochet hooks, as it meant I didn't have to pay any extra postage with them, plus, whenever I've bought anything from Knitpro, it's always been of good quality :)
The markers are made with a softer plastic than the ones I already own, which means there's a lot more give to them as I use them, and they are really smooth, so don't catch on my yarn like my cheaper, and more brittle, markers do. I've come to realize that it was false economy to buy the cheaper markers, as they break quickly, and catch on anything I use them for. So, despite paying a little bit more than I usually do, I think these new KnitPro Markers will last a lot longer, and so save me money in the long run - plus they came in their own little pouch, so I can keep them apart from the cheaper ones, or pop them into whatever project bag I'm using at any given time :)
I guess time will tell if they are of better quality, but I think I'm safe in saying that they'll last a lot longer than my older, more brittle ones, have done :)
I also love the funky colours, too :)"

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