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Knitpro Interchangeable Needles

Knitpro Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles

These Knitpro interchangeable needles are, as you would expect from this no.1 knitting needle manufacturer, the last word in circular knitting needles.

Made from densified laminated birchwood and with their trade mark beautiful colouring they are at the same time both elegant, practical and a complete delight to work with. This ingenious set will give you a  circular needles in 8 different sizes, 3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 7 & 8mm, plus 4 different length cables, 60cm/24in, 2 of 80cm/32in & 100cm/40in, along with 8 end caps and 4 cable keys, all set in a handy see through vinyl bag.

Knitpro have a well established and deserved reputation for producing the best quality knitting needles and these will certainly not disappoint. Available from Amazon.co.uk

What a Few People Have said About Knitpro Interchangeable Needles

"I've been using knitpro interchangeable needles for a few years now and I love them, so decided to get the luxury set, brilliant set , loving the colour coded cables that now come with the needles. these are the only needles i use and i knit aran jumpers on these needles. they are very comfortable to use more so than a straight needle i find , so would highly recommend knitpro to any knitter and there well worth the money :)"

"I love Knitpro Interchangeable Needles needles so much. They stay cool even after hours of knitting; other wood and bamboo needles tend to retain the heat of hand, and after a while, it gets harder to move the yarn over them. These have the comfort of wood and the coolness of metal. Also, the points are fantastic - the sharp points make wonderful for accuracy.

It's fantastic to have multiple cable lengths, and even better is to finally have cables that don't twist and bend during a project. They're flexible, without being unwieldy. Also, the caps available for the cables allow me to keep a project on a cable while freeing the needles for other things.

I've read other reviews complaining that the needles tend to separate from the cables too easily, but I've not had this problem at all. The key to lock it is simple to use and secures them very well.

The colours on the wood are beautiful, too. I love the way they look. Another reviewer mentioned that it makes it hard to see the yarn on the needle, and I can see how that would be a problem, but even with my fairly poor eyesight, it's not given me any trouble, and I've used several differently coloured and weighted yarns.

This set is absolutely gorgeous both in appearance and functionality. I can't recommend them highly enough. I would love to convert my entire knitting collection to the Symfonie style!"

"My other half is a keen (and very skilled) knitter, and I got her these as a gift since I know she had been looking for a modular set with mix-n-match lengths of cable and needle sizes. These were a huge hit since the coloured plywood needles are bright, nicely pointed, and very very smooth - apparently this is important for knitting.
The screw-on cable attachments are very solid and high-quality, and the caps are dead handy - just swap them in for the needles and no need to transfer the knitting onto one of those keeper thingies, it can stay on the cable while another bit of the garment is being worked on. No problems with anything coming unfastened when it shouldn't, despite much mileage being put on the things in the last 3 months.

She says the only thing that could be improved would be if needle sizes were etched on the metal rather than stamped on the wood where it can be hard to read."

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