How to Knit Socks.

The traditional way to knit socks is to use a set of double pointed needles and knit in rounds. The pair here are knitted in reversed st.st and st.st with a double cable each side of the ankle.They have been worked with DK on a set of 5, 4mm double pointed knitting needles. This is just a basic  template for knitting socks and can be adjusted to suit.

For best results always knit a tension square.

how to knit socks
how to knit socks

1,Begin with the ribbed border and work towards the toes. Cast on 64sts. equally divided between 4 needles.Work 10 rounds in K1, P1 rib.

2,Work 29 rounds in reverse St.St.(or until length required.) Placing a pair of cables each side as follows-
Round 1, (RS) On to first needle K4,P12, onto 2nd. needle P11,K4,P1, on to 3rd. needle K4,P11, on to 4th needle P12,K4,P1.
Round 2, As round 1.
Round 3, C4F,P23,C4B,p1,C4F,P23,C4B,P1.
Round 4, as round 1.
Repeat these 4 rounds 6 more times and then round 1 again.Or until required length.

how to knit socks
how to knit socks

3,Divide for Heel and Instep.
Using spare needle K across 32 sts. from 1st. and 2nd, needles for back of heel.Leave remaining sts. on 3rd. and 4th. needles for instep.Beginning with a P row work 17 rows st.st. for heel.

4, Turning the Heel.
Next Row K21,K2tog, turn.
Next Row P11, P2tog,turn
Next Row K11,K2tog, turn.
Repeat these 2 rows until all the side gusset sts. have been decreased.

how to knit socks
how to knit socks

5, Heel Shaping.
Leave 6 heel sts. on first needle and slip the next 6 heel sts. onto 2nd. needle then, with RS facing, pick up and K18sts. down side of gusset.
Working in rounds pattern across sts. on 3rd. and 4th. needles for instep, then pick up and K18 sts. up side of gusset and K across sts. on 1st. needle 80 sts. divided equally between 4 needles.

6, Decrease for Instep.
Continuing in reverse st.st. with cables for top of foot and and st.st. for sole of foot, decrease as follows:
Next Row, K20,K2tog.K2,pattern across 3rd.and 4th. needles for instep, then K2tog,skpo, K20.
Working 1 stitch less before and after the decrease, rep. this row until there are 64 sts.

how to knit socks
how to knit socks

7, Work Foot.
Continue in pattern, working in rounds, for 5cm. or required length

8, Decrease for Toes.
Beginning with a K row work in rounds of st.st. decreasing by knitting last st.on one needle tog. with 1st. stitch on next, until 16sts. remain.

9, Cut off yarn, leaving a length to fasten off with. Thread yarn onto a blunt needle and thread through stitches on needles. Pull up yarn and fasten securely on WS of work.

how to knit socks

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