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Join New Ball of Wool

Join  New Ball of Wool
A new ball of yarn should, wherever possible,be joined at the beginning of a row. Sometimes, however, this is not possible or economic and the join can be made in the middle of a row and the ends darned in for neatness,

joining in new knitting yarn

Join New Ball of Wool at the Start of a Row
Tie the end of the new ball of yarn to the end of the yarn in use with a reef knot. Slip the knot up the yarn to the needle and continue to knit using the new yarn. As a rough guide to estimate whether you have enough yarn to complete a row, allow about 3 times the width of the knitting.

Join with a Knot in the Middle of a Row.

1,As you come to the end of the yarn use a reef knot to join the new ball, leaving 6cm ends. Do not pull the knot too tight.Continue to knit, keeping the yarn ends and knot on the wrong side of the work.

2, When the piece is finished, and with wrong side facing, untie and retie the reef knot adjusting the stitches evenly.Use a large eyed blunt needle to darn in each end separately, vertically down the knitting.

Join Using the Yarn Double.
1, As you come to the end of the yarn add in the new ball of yarn and knit a few stitches using the yarn double,Then continue to knit the rest of the row using the new yarn alone and leaving both ends hanging down the wrong side of the work.

2, Trim yarn ends to about 10cm and using a large eyed blunt needle darn in each end separately, vertically down the knitting.

The Knitting Wool Store Knitting Techniques  Join New Ball of Wool

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