How To Knit Buttonholes

How to Knit Buttonholes.
Attention to simple details such as buttonholes will give your knitting a professional look. They can be either horizontal or vertical.Finishing off a buttonhole is optional,they can be left as they are or handworked round the edges.

Many patterns will have an instruction to make a basic buttonhole by working a yarn over and then knitting the next 2 stitches together. This buttonhole is functional but it’s not very stable and it can look a little sloppy. Moreover, the size of the buttonhole is totally dependent on the weight of the yarn and the needle size. The thinner the yarn and the smaller the needle, the tinier buttonhole will be.

So below you will find some options for making knitted buttonholes using different methods to create a more personalized finish.

simple horizontal buttonhole
simple horizontal buttonhole

Instructions for How to Knit Horizontal Buttonholes-

1, On the right side knit until the position of buttonhole is reached.Cast off 4 sts.(or number given in patter.)Knit to end of row.

2, On the wrong side purl to position of button hole, turn work to right side and cast on 4 sts. Turn work back and purl to end.

horizontal button hole using crochet hook
horizontal button hole using crochet hook

Horizontal Buttonhole using Crochet Hook.
1, On the right side work to position of buttonhole. Insert crochet hook purlwise into next 2 sts.on left-hand needle and slip both off,drawing 2nd. sts. through 1st. to cast it off.Insert hook through next st. on needle and draw through st. on hook.

2. Repeat step 1 until the required number of sts. have been cast off.Place last sts. back onto left hand needle.Turn the work and cast on the same number of sts. that have been cast off.Turn work back again and knit to the end of the row.This method creates a buttonhole on one row of knitting.

knit a tailored buttonhole
knit a tailored buttonhole

Tailored Buttonhole.
1, On the right side knit until the position of buttonhole is reached.Using a short length of contrast yarn knit the required number of sts.Slip these back onto left hand needle and knit them again in main yarn.knit to end of row.

2,When garment is complete remove contrast yarn.Thread a blunt needle with a length of main yarn and run it through all the buttonhole sts. Finish off with buttonhole st.

knit a vertical buttonhole
knit a vertical buttonhole

Vertical Buttonhole.
1,On the right side knit until the position of buttonhole is reached,drop the yarn, add a second ball and continue across the row.

2, On the next row, work across until you come to the other ball of yarn, pick it up and complete the row.Continue in this way until the required length is reached.

3,Then work all the stitches across the next row with one ball of yarn only and this will close the gap and complete the buttonhole. This is a useful method for making a buttonhole for a larger button.

make a loop buttonhole

Loop Buttonhole.
A button loop is worked after the garment is finished. Mark the position of each end of the loop with pins,and make a double loop on the edge of the fabric.Then cover the looped threads with buttonhole stitch.

Finishing off with Buttonhole stitch.
This stitch can be used with horizontal, loop and vertical buttonholes.
1,Thread a blunt needle with yarn and fasten on wrong side of fabric.

2,With right side facing bring threaded needle through buttonhole.*Beginning at top left-hand side insert needle 3mm above buttonhole edge and bring it out through buttonhole.

buttonhole stitch

3,Loop yarn from left to right under point of needle and pull needle through to knot thread on buttonhole edge.

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