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How to Crochet

Book- How to Crochet

How to Crochet, by Alison McNicol is the perfect introduction to the wonderful craft of crochet for the absolute beginner. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, introducing all of the necessary basics and then leading you on with the help of good illustrations to some simple projects to get you started.

Here is what a few people have said about How to Crochet -

"I am a complete beginner, but even I managed to learn how to Crochet. Would thoroughly recommend this book to everyone."

"Now this book I would definitely recommend to individuals who wish to learn to crochet, nice clear pictures English instructions [as against American]. A good first purchase to get you going."

"This is a great book for complete beginners. The instructions are clear and simple with good illustrations. Not overloaded with technical information but focuses on inspiring you to get on and crochet without having to plough through loads of unnecessary stuff. I am a seasoned crocheter and bought this book to use when I'm teaching others and I would recommend it highly. One of the best beginners' guides I've seen"

"I've been a knitter since I was really quite small and so am very confident knitting, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not get the hang of crochet. More than one person tried to show me and I've been through a good few "how to" books and magazines too.
Whilst trying to find ideas for my Christmas list I came across this book. From the "look inside" it looked very simple and easy to follow - and believe me, I needed simple and easy to follow!
My mum gave this book to me for Christmas, and determined to learn, I took it away on holiday with me.

This book is indeed very clear. The pictures are nice and large and the book is explained in very easy terms. I couldn't get on with holding the wool or hook properly - I suspect I am too much of an entrenched knitter - but other than that managed everything the book said.
By the second day I had a nice square of double crochet. By the end of the third I'd made a somewhat poor attempt at a granny square (my family teased me mercilessly about it being a granny rhombus!). But my second granny square looked exactly like the real thing and I had it cracked.

Now, just over a month on and I've mad a complete cushion with 16 granny squares, crochet joins and crochet flowers. It looks as though someone who has been crocheting for years has made it (well, to me, anyway!). I'm now in the middle of a huge throw for our sofa and I'm also making a pokemon toy for my daughter. I'm obsessed with crochet.
I never thought I would be able to crochet and now I can, properly. My mum (who could sort of crochet but is really a knitter like me) has also bought this book and is now making amazing stuff too.
It is a simple book - there aren't a huge number of pages or patterns. But if you have been defeated by everything else and want to learn, you could do worse than give it a try."

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How to Crochet

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