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Free Infinity Scarf Pattern

Infinity Scarf Knitting PatternInfinity Scarf knitted with Papatya Cake Wool

Free Infinity Scarf Pattern- whilst we hope that this free knitting pattern works out well for you The Knitting Wool Store disclaims all responsibility.

Size: 1 size only, approx. circumference 152 cm.

Materials: 1 Papatya Wool  Cake 5.5 mm straight needles,(261 colour used.)

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Infinity Scarf Pattern- Instructions

The Scarf is worked throughout in the simple but attractive Shale Stitch.

Using 5.5mm needles cast on 76 stitches and work in pattern as follows:-

Row 1: K to end

Row 2: P to end

Row 3: *K1,k2tog. 3 times, yf K1, 5 times, yf K2 tog, K2 tog 2 times, K1* repeat from * to * 3 more times.

Row 4: Knit to end

Continue until you have a small amount of yarn left, cast off leaving a long tail for joining ends together.

Finishing:- Lie the scarf flat on a table, right side up, placing the pieces to be joined edge to edge.

Join using a matress seam as follows:- Secure yarn with 2 over sewn stitches on the wrong side.Pick up the bar between the first and second stitch in from the edge on the right and pull yarn through.Take needle across to the stitch on the same row on the left and pick up the bar between the first and second stitch.Pass needle back to the next row on the right and pick up the bar between stitches. Repeat until seam in complete. Darn in ends.

The Knitting Wool Store Free Knitting Patterns  Free Infinity Scarf Pattern

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