Evergreen Lace Knit Stitch

evergreen lace knit stitchEvergreen Lace Knit Stitch

The Evergreen Lace Knit Stitch is an attractive openwork lacy knitting stitch which works well as an overall design.

Cast on a multiple of 14 sts plus 12

Sl St (slip stitch): Sl next st (sts) letting extra yo's fall.
CS (cluster stitch):  Insert RH needle (from behind) underneath the 5 long strands created by the dropped yo, then p1, k1 into these strands.
SK2P: slip one, knit two tog, pass slip stitch over
SKPO: slip one, knit one, pass slip stitch over

Instructions for Evergreen Lace Knit Stitch

Row 1 (RS):  K4 tbl, SKPO, yo twice, *SKPO, k4 tbl, k2, k4 tbl, SKPO, yo twice; rep from *, end SKPO, k4 tbl.
Row 2:  P3, p2tog tbl, yo, *yo, sl st, p2tog tbl, p8, p2tog tbl, yo; rep from *, end yo, sl st, p2tog tbl, p3.
Row 3:  K2, SKPO, yo twice, *sl sts, SKPO, k6, SKPO, yo twice; rep from *, end sl sts, SKPO, k2.
Row 4:  P1, p2tog tbl, yo twice, *sl st, p2tog tbl, p4, p2tog tbl, yo twice; rep from *, end sl st, p2tog tbl, p1.
Row 5:  SKPO, yo twice, *sl st, SKPO, k2, SKPO, yo twice; rep from *, end sl st SKP.
Row 6 P1, yo 4 times, *CS, yo 4 times, p4, yo 4 times; rep from *, end CS, yo 4 times, p1.
Row 7:  K1, k4 tbl, k2, *k4 tbl, SKPO, yo twice, SKPO, k4 tbl, k2; rep from *, end k4 tbl, k1.
Row 8:  Yo twice, p2tog tbl, p3, *p5, p2tog tbl, yo twice, sl st, p2tog tbl, p3; rep from *, end p5, p2tog tbl, yo twice.
Row 9:  Yo twice, sl st, SKPO, k4, *k2, SKPO, yo twice, sl st, SKPO, k4; rep from *, end k2, SKPO, yo twice, sl st.
Row 10:  Yo twice, sl sts, p2tog tbl, p1, *p3, p2tog tbl, yo twice, sl st, p2tog tbl, p1; rep from *, end p3, p2tog tbl, yo twice, sl st.
Row 11:  Yo twice, sl sts, SKPO, k2, *SKPO, yo twice, sl st, SKPO, k2; rep from *, end SKPO, yo twice, sl st.
Row 12:  CS, yo 4 times, p1, *p3, yo 4 times, CS, yo 4 times, p1; rep from *, end p3, yo 4 times, CS.
Row 13:  SK2P, k3 tbl, k2tog, yo twice, *SKPO, k4 tbl, k2, k4 tbl, k2tog, yo twice; rep from *, end SKP, k3 tbl, sl 1-k2tog-psso.
Rep rows 2–13.

Knitting Pattern Abbreviations

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