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Economy Crochet Kit

crochet hook and accessories kit

This economy crochet kit makes an ideal gift and provides everything needed to get started in crocheting at the brilliant price of just £7.49 from Amazon.co.uk.

The kit consists of 16 different crochet hooks, half with the comfortable ergonomic handles, half with traditional steel, with sizes ranging from 0.6mm to 6mm. There is also a pair of scissors, tape measure, row counters, blunt ended needles,thimble,needle point protectors(2pcs small+ 2pcs large) and stitch markers, all packed neatly together in a handy see through box.

A great little set for anyone new to crochet or if you just want to top up on your existing stock of accessories

Here is what a few people have said about this Economy Crochet Kit

"Couldn't ask for a better bargain! I have had this item for a while now and haven't used all of the bits contained in the box, but I originally bought it for the rubber handled crochet hooks, which I am very happy with. I have used a few of the other things and all in all, it's a good little set. Absolutely would recommend!

"Wow what can I say this is a great little set I'm new to crocheting and only had metal hooks my mum and sister use the silicon ones and thought I would try them I'm not disappointed at all they are comfortable in the hand and have all the sizes I would need and a bargain price. Someone reviewed saying that it didn't all fit in the box as the big hooks come in a bag separate. The box comes with spare dividers so with a little bit of rearranging it all fits in fine. But really it was 7.49 what do people want or expect for that? In my opinion it's great value for money and all a beginner needs."

"I bought these after a friend recommended them. My old style hooks made my fingers sore but these are amazing. No more soreness. I would recommend these to anyone who does a lot of crochet work as they are really comfortable to work with. The range of sizes in this set give you everything you need in one place all contained in their own storage box."

"'ll be honest and admit this  economy crochet kit  was purchased to make up an order but I am very glad I did buy it in the end. It has items in it that I have purchased separately like the cutter and the cable hooks. The quality is good and it would make a fabulous stocking filler or beginner set for someone learning (or wishing to) to knit or crochet. It has everything to start you off until you really decide what you need and use. It contains smaller crochet hooks which is something I look forward to using with the cotton thread I have. Delivery was excellent."

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Knitting and Crochet Accessories Economy Crochet Kit

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