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Designing Knitting Patterns with "Knitters Handy Book of Sweater Patterns."

Book- Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns by Ann Budd

If you are interested in designing knitting patterns then I am sure that you will find Ann Budd's book, "Knitters Handy Book of Sweater Patterns" an invaluable aid.

It provides easy to follow charts which let you develop your own patterns based on your stitch gauge. With 6 basic sweater designs in 15 sizes and 6 possible gauges to choose from  it gives you the possibility of 1000's of patterns. Just choose your yarn, pick your stitch, measure your gauge and let the book do the rest!

The spiral binding is another bonus as it lays nice and flat whilst you work.

Here is What a Few People have said about designing knitting patterns with- Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns

"This is the book that I should have bought years ago. It's perfect for anyone, whether a new or seasoned knitter. The basic sweaters are all stocking stitch, so anyone can knit them, or add your own stitch patterns. With the choice of sleeves, neck styles and any yarn you fancy, this book is indispensable. And best of all - the charts are sized up to 54" so unlike certain similar books, it caters for those knitters who aren't a perfect size 10."

"This book has finally given me the confidence to have a go at designing my own knitwear. Although it looks confusing initially, with pages of number tables, once I'd read through the 'user guide', it all came clear and is so easy to use. I've already started my first cardigan using the guidelines in this book, and it's looking good!
You just swatch in your chosen yarn until you get an even number of stitches to the inch, choose your basic style (mostly based on sleeve type - drop shoulder, set in, fully shaped, raglan, circular yoke) and size, and you're off. There are also instructions on how to work out patterns if you've got fractions of stitches to the inch and want to stick with that stitch tension.
I'd recommend this to anyone who is confident with knitting techniques, but who might want a bit of help in the design department."

"This book is great. A good range of patterns that you can customise and use any yarn you happen to have on hand. I received this for Christmas and was so impressed I immediately bought this one as a present for my daughter."

"I had long wanted to have a go at designing knitting patterns but did not know where to start. I had tried other books on the subject but the maths always defeated me! However this great book does all that for you and I have really enjoyed using it to design my own garments. Great value for money!"

The Knitting Wool Store Knitting and Crochet Books  Designing Knitting Patterns- Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns

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