How to Crochet Rounds

To crochet in the round in one of the basic crochet techniques and once mastered it can be used for making many super items. If a flat circle is required then it is necessary to increase the number of stitches on every round, if no increasing is worked the crochet will form a tube.

Crochet in the round1,Make required number of chains
Crochet in the round2,Join chains with a slip stitch to form ring

 You need to begin with a chain ring, this can be any size required. Make the no. of CH wanted then join them with a SS thus forming your ring.

Crochet in the round3,Working DCs into the ring
Crochet in the round3a,Working DCs into the ring

Work DCs, or the stitch in your pattern, into the ring, as many as will fit, the centre ring will stretch a little and it is surprising how many will fit in.

Crochet in the round4,Continue working DCs in your centre ring
Crochet in the roundFirst Round Completed

Each new round normally starts with a number of starting chains to stand for the first stitch, 1 ch for 1 dc.

Do not turn your work but continue throughout with the same side facing you working.

To join the round at the end work a slip stitch into the last starting chain made.

On the following rounds insert the hook in the normal way under 2 threads at the top of each stitch, unless otherwise directed.

Round 2:     2 sts worked into each st of Round 1 {24 sts}

Round 3:     2 sts worked into the first st, 1 st worked into the next st, repeated all the way around.  {36 sts}

Round 4:     2 sts worked into the first st, 1 st worked into the next 2 sts, repeated all the way around.  {48 sts}

Round 5:     2 sts worked into the first st, 1 st worked into the next 3 sts, repeated all the way around.  {60 sts}

Round 6:     2 sts worked into the first st, 1 st worked into the next 4 sts, repeated all the way around.  {72 sts}

And so on, increasing the “into the next ‘X’ number of sts” by 1 each round. You can alter the number of stitches in the first round.  If you begin with 6, your stitch count will increase by 6 each round.  If you begin with 8 sts, then you’ll increase by 8 each round and so on.

To fasten off when working in rounds work the slip stitch joining the last round, then cut the yarn leaving a short tail and draw it through the SS. Reinsert the hook from the back, in the position where the SS was worked,catch the yarn tail and pull it through to the back of the work.

fasten off when crocheting in rounds1,Fastening Off
fasten off when crocheting in rounds2,Fastening Off

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