Beyond the Square, Crochet Motifs

Crochet Book- Beyond the Square by Edie Eckman

If you are looking for some inspirational crochet motifs to make then Edie Eckman's colourful, spiral bound and informative book will delight you.

It is full of some wonderful motifs in different shapes, squares included, all with easy to follow text and schematic instructions and colour beautiful photographs. With its unexpected range of shapes, designs, and colour ideas, Beyond-The-Square Crochet Motifs will keep enthusiasts happy for a very long time!

A word of warning to customers from the UK, this book does use the American crochet terminology but once translated is easy to follow and certainly no reason to deprive yourself of a super book.

You can find a translation of American Crochet Terms here.

Here is What a Few People have said about
Beyond the Square, Crochet Motifs

"I am a beginner and am finding this book really great and the instructions are easy to follow- am also a visual learner and maybe thats why I loved it. I hardly read the "written" instruction. I read th ediagrams and they are very helpful.

The book starts with the basics (yarn, sizing, reading chats and joining motifs..)and with some tips and tricks as how to solve/avoid common problems (cupped/ruffled circles, edgings ... ). Then it moves on to motifs. I liked the half-circle and the unusual shapes- It gave me an idea on how to make parts of a motif and that can become handy when you want to make large projects like a sweater (to join in parts, that is).

I also liked it for one important reason- I could actually make those shapes. Some of the other books I tried were all too fancy and the projects were a bit intimidating for a beginner--actually I dont feel like a beginner anymore now that I've made three projects- one more practical thing, I liked the book layout. its spiral bound which makes it easy to work and in the same time keep an eye on the diagram/instructions.

And the colors! I loved the color combinations in this book! and they were many ideas as well- I loved crocheting pockets for my jeans- it was fun.

Have fun!"

"This is such a useful book, you need to be able to do basic crochet though, as it doesn't describe how to do the simple stuff. But the patterns and motifs are fantastic, best I have ever seen. The colours are lovely and appealing; the diagrams are schematic and if you are used to that way of working, it can speed it up, but the written explanations are excellent too. Recommend to anyone who wants to go beyond the square !"

" This is the first non-fiction book I have ever bought on the strength of reviews alone and they were absolutely right. I am not an absolute beginner at crochet but similar books have had projects that are far too demanding for me and I suspect other people at a similar level. This one is perfect: clear, well illustrated instructions, the spiral binding makes reading and crocheting together easy and, most important of all, the designs really work and anyone with basic knowledge could do them. UK readers should note that it uses American crochet terms. "

" A lovely ideas book, if you are English beware that this is an American book and the terms are different, but it is easy to translate so don't let this put you off buying this book"

"Beyond the Square, Crochet Motifs, is a fantastic book, so much inspiration, details in chart, written and picture form for each stitch."

" I am a relative beginner to Crochet and after working out that the stitches were written in the USA format, I found it really easy to follow. There is a description in the back of the book with the basic crochet stitches, so even those confused by the American terminology can easily work it out. Also for each motif, there is a chart which as a novice, I found really helpful to follow the location of the stitches. I love the book and have found it inspirational to explore the extensive patterns and motifs and start creating my own. I am confident it will keep me busy and be useful for years to come!"

" I bought this book because 1) the recommendation of the girl that rules a crafts blog that I love and 2)the cover. Both says that the designs are new, beautiful ones and modern ones.
The organization of the book is really good, the explanations are better and the amount of ideas is incredible.
Is not only a list of patterns, she gives also ideas of how to use the squares and tricks to make the work easier.
Even the spiral in the center of the book makes it easy to use and preserve. I love it."

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