Crochet Hook Set

Crochet Hook Set

This lovely crochet hook set by LoveArtsCrafts is of a very high standard and include not only 9 ergonomic  crochet hooks of sizes ranging from B/1 (2mm) to J/10 (6mm) but also a detachable inner pocket with 21 other useful accessories such as folding scissors, tape measure, stitch markers, row marker,plastic sewing needles etc.

The hooks themselves are extremely comfortable, being lightweight with soft rubber handles which reduce or eliminates hand, wrist or finger pain. Ideal for people with arthritis. The also have good deep hooks and are smooth and snag free.

The case itself is compact,sturdy and well made and is just the job for keeping all your crochet hooks and accessories neat and tidy.

Here is what a few people have said about this Crochet Hook Set

"Let me start off by saying that I had my other crochet hooks stolen. I know right??!!! Who steals crochet hooks??? Anyhow... I ordered this crochet hook set because, let's face it, I had a case that consisted of really tiny hooks that I never used so I opted for this kit. I LOVE IT!! The cute little markers, the needles, the scissors, it's fantastical!

I love the way these hooks feel in my hand. They are so much better and a lot more comfy than just the metal hooks. If you are using just metal hooks, all I can say is... THROW EM OUT!! I highly recommend this kit not only for the super nice hooks and neat little goodies, but the case is really adorable!! I got the blue with white polka dots and it's a hard case which makes it durable and sturdy. Do your hand a favor, order this kit"

"I am fairly new to crochet ( I tried many years ago and it didn't click), I decided to put my knitting needles down and try crochet once more. I bought a standard set of crochet hooks (metal in a case), I was happy with these but over the last couple of months I have had problems with my hands (arthritis) and decided I needed a set which sat better in my hands and so I spotted this set from LoveArtsCrafts. I must say I am very happy with the whole of this crochet hook set. The case is blue with white spots and is very well made, within it you've got a pocket with a gauge/ruler, stitch markers, metal stitche holders, some large plastic wool sewing needles, a row counter, a nice tape measure and a lovely pair of fold up scissors (they cut really well and feel nice in your hands). You get a good selection of hooks, which are very smooth and the hook itself is nice and deep so your yarn doesn't slip off. And most importantly the ergonomic silicone handles which are great, they sit well in your hands and feel great.

I am really impressed with this set, it would make a great gift for anyone interested in crochet and the set is great for crafters who are struggling with either metal or wooden crochet hooks."

"I already own a metal set of crochet hooks but saw these and thought I would give them a try. What drew me to them was the rubber handles as I was looking for something that would be more comfortable in my hand and once I tried them - they are so much better to hold and it means you can crochet for longer. Just love the feel of them - they are thicker than the normal metal ones so I assume they will be easier if you are suffering from arthritis or similar disabilities.

They come in a lovely blue case with white spots and everything is organized inside, you even get a conversion chart and I just love how you have everything in one place.

This super crochet hook set would make a great gift for young and old, you can even take it anywhere with you as the case is not big and will fit in your bag."

"If I can use these and go back to being able to crochet I'll shout for joy. Arthritis in my hands became impossible to crochet. Now I'm hoping with these types I can again enjoy making things. I gave all my old ones away plus a huge bag of yarn. I wish I'd kept the yarn now. It sure did go up in price. I said I would update after I used these so here goes. I LOVE them! My hands are very badly bent and stiff. My fingers don't straighten out and I have knots on my fingers plus upper hand. I had to ask how to make granny squares (it's been that long) . Yesterday I made 2 which won't seem like many to most but for me? That's a LOT to do with my hands. The seller and I have been emailing back and forth. Most wouldn't care after you bought something but she was as happy as I to know once again I can do my favorite thing. I'd bought another set that did not come in a case with extra goodies and will let my granddaughter use them to learn with. I can't say enough good things about these! I'll admit the folding scissors is hard for me to figure out lol. That's just me tho. Thank you for giving my crocheting back! Now I have something I love to do and take my mind off worries. I also posted just one of the granny squares I've been able to make due to these crochet hooks! None of the other compared to these in comfort. "

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