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Here is a list of the most common Crochet Abbreviations used in UK patterns. However please be aware that the US terms can be quite different.

You may also find special terms used in some patterns but were this is the case the writer of the pattern should have included a definition of such abbreviations.

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    Alternative     Usually used to tell you to do 2 or more different actions in turn.

approx.     Approximately     An estimated amount.

beg     Beginning     at the front or start of

ch     Chain     One of the main crochet stitches.

chsp     Chain space     The space left when working one or more chains in a row.

cont     Continue or Continued     Carry on or carried on

dec     Decrease     Working 2 or more stitches together to make less stitches in the row.

dc     Double Crochet     One of the main crochet stitches.

dc2tog     Double Crochet two together     A decreasing stitch

dtr     Double Treble Crochet     One of the main crochet stitches.

EXDC  Extended Double Crochet A type of double crochet stitch

htr     Half Treble     One of the main crochet stitches.

inc     Increase     Working 2 or more stitches into the same stitch to increase the number of stitches in a row.

lpst     Loop Stitch     Used to create a loop as you are working a stitch.

miss     Miss stated number of stitches.  Used when creating patterns or shaping

p     Picot - chain 2 and work a double crochet in the first ch.

rtrb     Raised Treble Back     This is a treble worked around the stem of the stitch in the previous row by inserting the hook from the back of the work.

rtrf     Raised Treble Front     This is a treble worked around the stem of the stitch in the previous row by inserting the hook from the front of the work.

rs     Right Side  of work

ss     Slip Stitch     One of the main stitches.  Used mainly for joining or when not wanting to create fabric.

st(s)     Stitch(es)     

tog     Together     

tch     Turning Chain     This is the chain worked at the beginning of a row, sometimes in place of a stitch, when turning.

tr     Treble Crochet     One of the main crochet stitches.

ttr   Triple Treble    One of the main crochet stitches.

yrh     Yarn Round Hook     Winding the yarn around the hook when forming stitches.  Also called "Yarn Over" (yo).

ws     Wrong side of work

Crochet Abbreviations- American Equivalents

English/American Equivalent Terms- Some American crochet abbreviations differ from the English ones which can make reading American patterns very confusing. As there are an abundance of American crochet patterns on the internet I thought it would be useful to put a list of the most common differences and their explanations below:-


Double Crochet

Extended Double

Half Treble


Double Treble

Triple Treble

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Single Crochet (SC, sc)

Extended Single (EXSC, exsc)

Half Double (HDC, hdc)

Double (DC,dc)

Treble (TR,tr)

Double Treble (DTR,dtr)

You can also find Crochet Hook Conversion Charts here.

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Crochet Abreviations

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