Hints & Tips for Creating Your Hobby Room

Article Contributed by Maria Cannon.

For anyone with a hobby, the ultimate goal is to find a comfortable, relaxing spot to practice it in, whether it’s a favorite chair in the living room or in the kitchen where the best light is. If you’re a dedicated hobbyist, however, you may need more than that. Creating an area in your home where you can store your materials and spend time relaxing in comfort can help reduce stress so you can focus on what really matters at home.

Setting up your own space can take a little time, especially if you don’t have an empty room to take over. Think about what you need and how the area should work for you; do you need ample light?  A comfy place to sit for a couple of hours? Good ventilation? If you’re a knitter or practice crochet, you’ll need a room that has lots of storage for all your materials as well as a seat that will protect your back and give you quite a bit of light to work with.

Read on for more tips on how to create the perfect space for your hobby.

Maximize your space-

If you have limited room for your hobby and all that goes with it, it’s important to make the most of the space you do have. Plan accordingly if you are renovating a room or need to create storage solutions for all your materials. Utilize wall space as much as possible to keep things off the floor; this will keep the room from feeling cluttered or overwhelmed. Magnetic strips mounted to the wall will keep metal necessities--such as scissors--at hand rather than stuck in a drawer or bin. The great thing about using shelving for storage is that you can color-code your yarn and other materials so they’ll double as decor.

“Whether you go with plastic tubs, baskets, or a bookshelf with cubbies, I recommend keeping your yarn stash organized by color palette,” says DIY expert Vickie Howell. “Not only is it easier on the eye if you keep your supplies out in the open, but it also helps preparation for upcoming projects. The less hunting and gathering work you have to do when inspiration hits, the quicker you’ll be doing that thing you love: knitting, crocheting or crafting!”

Find what works for you-

If you don’t have an extra room or office space that can be used as a knitting room, consider using an alternative area such as the garage or basement. While these rooms may not be ideal as-is, they can be transformed into something that really works for you. Think about what you’ll need for a creative and comfortable environment; the basement might not have enough light, while the attic might be too hot to work in during summertime. Go here for a list of rooms in your home that can double as hobby rooms.

Create an inventory-

Making out an inventory of all your materials will help keep you organized and stress-free when it’s time to knit. It will also potentially save you money, as keeping a running tab of all the things you already have on hand will prevent buying doubles. Write out a list of all the pieces you have and update it according to how prolific a knitter you are. For instance, if you use up quite a few materials in the space of a week, update the inventory every weekend.

Building the perfect room for your hobby can be time consuming, but it can also help you reduce stress and figure out the best way to get the most out of your favorite way to relax. Staying organized will help you get the most benefits, so look for storage solutions that make sense for your needs.

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