Compendium of Knitting Techniques

Book- Compendium of Knitting Techniques

The Compendium of Knitting Techniques by Betty Barnden is a brilliant book for any knitters library, from beginners to those experienced in the wonderful craft of knitting. It is packed full of useful know-how for knitters from how to read patterns and charts; choose colours and yarns; mix and match stitch patterns and deal with gauge variations; adapt designs for the perfect fit. All stitches are clearly demonstrated, from stockinette and ribbing to lace, Fair Isle, cables, and intarsia work. There are sections on specific techniques such as buttonholes, pockets, correcting errors, short row shaping, knitting in rounds and much much more. An altogether invaluable book.

Here is What a Few People Say About The Compendium of Knitting Techniques

"Had The Compendium of Knitting Techniques" on loan from my library for so long thought it was time to buy it. Have had a large number of 'knitting techniques' and 'how to knit' books from the library so I knew this was the one for me.
Have returned to knitting after a break of many years and this book is invaluable.
If you are a complete novice this book teaches you all the stitches you need in an easy to follow and well pictured way. Even an experienced knitter will find this useful for trying out new stitches or just needing an alternative way to do something (i.e grafting, etc).
I mainly knit smaller things such as socks and toys and these are forever needing unusual stitch combinations and I return to this book often for reference.
The book doesn't include projects or patterns (except for fairisle and the like) but that's not really what the book is for."

"This is a terrific little book, full of hints, tips and even ways to right your mistakes. The photos are clear and the text concise and helpful. It wouldn't be patronizing to the inexperienced knitter or beneath the dignity of the experienced - the balance is just right. Pity I can't recommend it more highly than 5 stars. Worth every penny and a lot more."

"Wonderful book, with many photos, pictures and good concise explanations, suitable for beginners AND experienced knitters. If you want to buy only one knitting book, this is the one to get!"

"The Compendium of Knitting Techniques is an excellent book for beginners and more advanced knitters. It shows how to cast on in clear easy to understand words and a pictures for several different ways, as it does for casting off and best of all for picking up stitches. It shows how to use stitch holders and then working from them again with words and pictures.There is a design section which helps in choosing colours, about the drape of a yarn, texture, flattering your body shape, adapting knitting patterns (which I have been doing all my knitting life) about changing the yarn, changing the edges, changing the stitch or motif, adding embroidery, adding pockets, changing the neck detail, adjusting the length and adding trimmings. It also includes achieving the perfect fit and there are basic design principles which includes the tension square and there is a section on schematics and graphs and on how to understand charts and symbols.

There are lace and openwork patterns in words as well as cables and twists, knots and bobbles, loops, leaves and bells, edgings, chevron patterns, patchwork squares, Entrelac and frills and flutes. Knitting in the round with circular needles and double-pointed needles is included with stitch patterns for circular knitting and circular knitted shapes, tips for knitting mittens and gloves and socks.

I have only mentioned half of the contents in this indispensable knitting book, if you want to know what else it contains you'll have to buy it and you won't regret it either! As this is a British book there is no need to worry about needle size and yarn weights - hoorah!

I thoroughly recommend this wonderful book to all knitters!"

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Compendium of Knitting Techniques

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