Calculating Yarn Requirements

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Introduction to Calculating Yarn Requirements.

One of the best things about knitting is having the ability to create a
garment that is totally unique to you. To this end it is often the case that you prefer to use a yarn of your own choosing rather than the one recommended  in a specific pattern. Or maybe you are designing the pattern yourself in which case the yarn selection is obviously down to you.

With this in mind comes the thorny problem of calculating yarn requirements. However don't despair, you can easily calculate the requirements yourself with the knowledge of three things and a calculator.

First you need to know the number of meters per ball  of your preferred yarn, second the anticipated square centimeters of your garment-more about this below, third the number of  meters
used in your gauge swatch.

The gauge swatch is the most important part of preparing to create your garment, knit it to 10cm square, make a note of the number of stitches and rows worked, as you will need this to make sure you are working to the correct tension, then unravel your swatch and measure how many  meters of yarn have been used.

In step 4 of the calculations below it has been  assumed that there are 107m  of yarn in the  swatch.

5 Easy Steps to Calculating Yarn Requirements

1,Calculate the area of the gauge swatch.

For Example-
1,18.5cm wide  x 21cm long, to
calculate the area simply multiply the width by the length- 18.5cm x  21cm  = 388.5 sq. cm

2,Calculate the Area of the Garment, you can take the finished measurements from the pattern you are using or if you are designing your own pattern then use the measurements of the person the garment is intended for. Using the widest part of the each piece multiply this by the
length to find the number of square inches or cm. in each piece.

Book of Sweater Patterns by Ann Budd

I hope this article  will be of help to you but  if you are interested in designing your own garments then you will find "The Knitters Handy Book of Sweater Patterns," by Ann Budd extremely useful. With it you will be able to design your own garments using whichever yarn you please and it does all the maths for you!

For Example-
Back:   48.5cm wide x 56cm  long= 2,716 sq.cm.

Front: 48.5cm wide x 56cm long= 2,716 sq.cm.

Sleeves: 45.5 cm wide x 44cm long=2.002cm

Add the three totals together and this will give you the area of the garment-

2,716 + 2,716 + 2,002 + 2,002 = 9,436 sq. cms

3, Divide the total number of  sq. cms. in the garment by the number of same in your swatch to determine the number of swatches in the entire garment-

9,436 sq. cms.in garment divided by 388.5 sq. cm  in swatch= approx 24.3 swatches to the garment.

4,Multiply the number of swatches in the garment by the number of yards in the swatch to determine the number of meters in the garment-

24.3 swatches x 107m  per swatch =2,600m of yarn per garment.

5,Then to finally calculate your yarn requirements simply divide the total number of meters required by the number of m per ball-

Assuming each ball of yarn 123m
Divide  or 2,600m by 123m = 21.13 balls.

It is always best to round up so this project will require 22 balls.
In fact because things sometimes go wrong it is always good policy
to buy an additional ball.

The Knitting Wool Store Knitting Techniques Calculating Yarn Requirements

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Calculating Yarn Requirements

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