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Arm Knitting

Arm Knitting - cowlArm Knitted Cowl

ARM KNITTING is growing in popularity and is a fun,quick and I must say a rather addictive way of knitting without needles- as the name implies your arms act as the needles!

Using soft and bulky yarns you can create lovely warm scarves and cowls in a very short length of time.


Arm Knitting Instructions-


1,Holding two or three strands of yarn together, depending on the thickness of your chosen yarn, make a slip knot and place it on your right arm.

2,Casting On-

Take the yarn in your left hand and wrap it behind your thumb and use your ring and little finger to hold it. Take the tail end of the yarn between your pointer and middle fingers.

Now place your right hand up through the loop wrapped around your left thumb.


2,Take the yarn tail with your right fingers and pull the tail through the loop to form a second loop. Place this loop on your right hand.

Repeat these steps until you have 10 loops on your right arm. (You can cast on less stitches if you want your scarf to be narrower  -- or more if you want it to be wider.)

Working the First Row:-


To arm knit your first row you need to transfer all the loops on your right arm over to your left arm, hold the yarn that is attached to the skein with your right hand and pull the first loop from your right arm right over your hand bring sure not to let go of the yarn.

Place that loop on your left arm.

Pull the yarn tightly as you did with the slip knot, making sure that the loop is just big enough to slide over your left hand.


Repeat these steps until all the loops from your right arm are  on your left arm.

Knitting the second row:

Now you need to transfer  all the loops from your left arm back to your right arm,hold the yarn with your left hand and with your right hand pull the first loop from your left arm off your hand and place it on your right arm.

Repeat those steps, taking the yarn with your left hand and pulling the loop from your left arm over your right hand.

Continue to arm knit, switching arms for each new row, until your scarf measures the required length.


Casting Off:-

Once you reach the desired length cast off, knit two stitches, just as you did for each row of the scarf. Then pull the first knitted stitch loop over the second knitted stitch loop.

Drop that loop and repeat the process, pulling the loops over each other to cast off just as you would if you were using needles.

When you only have one stitch left on your arm, pull the loop off your arm. Cut the yarn at the end and pull the yarn end through to secure it. Weave in those ends and you are finished!

The Knitting Wool Store Merino Yarns  Arm Knitting

Beginners Guide to Arm Knitting

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