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Edward's Menagerie -Toy Animal Crochet patterns

Book- Edward's Menagerie Toy Animal Crochet Patterns

If you are looking for some toy animal crochet patterns then I think you will be delighted with Edward's Menagerie by Kerry Lord. With over 40 soft and cuddly animal crochet patterns these unique and adorable creatures will have you "hooked" from page 1!  The instructions are are simple and clear and the book will be appreciated by both learner and experienced crocheter alike.

Here is What a Few People have said about Edward's Menagerie- Toy Animal Crochet Patterns

"This book is simply beautiful. My crochet skills are very basic (I can do Granny squares and that's it!) but with the great instructions in this book I was able to master a host of new techniques and the elephant I'm making from this book is looking great.

A couple of points...there is a lot of flicking between pages as you're following the patterns which can be a little inconvenient but it hasn't spoiled my enjoyment of the book. Also, if you're a novice crocheter, I would recommend starting off with a chunky wool and a large hook as it's easier to count your stitches this way which is an essential part of these patterns. Also, make sure you use a stitch marker so you know where your rounds start.

The author uses alpaca wool but I just used ordinary which came out great. I've really enjoyed making my first toy out of this book and can't wait to make them all. I'm very fussy when it comes to craft books and I'm hard to impress but I really think this book is top notch."

"Edward's Menagerie, Toy Animal Crochet patterns is a fantastic book for both beginners and seasoned crocheters. I was instantly hooked after my first animal and am on my way to hooking the whole menagerie. A must for anyone looking for their next project, or picking up crochet for the first time. With youtube videos to help guide you, and informative pages, this book really touches all bases."

"Beautiful ,well constructed book.5 stars to the author.I am a crocheter of some 65 years and it takes a lot for me to find something different and worth extra praise."

"3 Sept. 2014

Format: Kindle Edition Received this as a birthday present and am completely delighted, it's a beautiful book and the animals are gorgeous - right I'm off to make an aardvark...

September 2014 - Just a quick update now I have made two animals from this lovely book. I found the crochet instructions straight forward and easy to follow while the `technical section' provided a useful reminder for my rusty crochet skills. However the section I found most useful was the finishing section. So many books have clear crochet instructions followed by `and assemble'. This book carefully takes you through the stages of assembly, giving precise instructions on where to place the limbs, the importance of stuffing correctly etc. plus the different expressions achieved by changing the eyes and ears. Why don't more books do this? It is vital for achieving a similar end result and I am delighted with mine."

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