Basic Amigurumi ToyBasic Amigurumi Toy

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting small stuffed animals, toys and even every day objects such as cakes, flowers, confectionery etc. The word is a combination of the Japanese words ami, meaning crocheted or knitted, and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll.

They are made in double crochet (US sc) and using a small hook in relation to the thickness of the yarn, thus creating a sturdy and durable fabric.

This amigurumi pattern is for  a basic toy, to make larger or smaller simply increase or decrease the number of stitches and rows used. Tension is not important provided your crochet is tight enough to prevent the stuffing poking through.

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The big book of little amigurumi

Amigurumi Instructions

Make 2 chain, work in DC (US SC) throughout
Round 1:Work 6dc into the first ch to make a ring.Do not
finish the round with a slip stitch instead continue to work in a spiral.
Round 2:Work 2DC into each dec,(12 stitches.)
Round 3:[1DC into next dc,2DC into the next stitch]
6 times. (18sts.)
Round 4: [2DC into next dc,1DC into the next 2 stitches,]
6 times,(24 sts).

Continue to increase the number of stitches by 6 sts on each round
by working 2DC into 1 stitch at evenly spaced intervals
until there are 36 stitches.

Work 10 rounds without increasing.

Round 17: [DC2tog into the next 2 stitches,1DC into the
next 4 stitches] 6 times, (30 sts.)

Continue to decrease the number of stitches by 6sts. across the
next and subsequent rounds by working 2DCtog at evenly
spaced intervals until there are 12 stitches.

Work a slip stitch into the next st.and fasten off by leaving a tail
end of yarn approx 30cm long.

Work this piece as for the head but continue to increase until
there are 42 rows.

Work 16 rows without increasing.

Decrease as for head.

Make 2 chain.
Round 1:Work 6 stitches into the first ch to make a ring.
Do not finish the round with a slip stitch, instead continue to work in a spiral.
Round 2:Work 2 DC into very st.(12 sts.)

Work straight to the required length.

Work a slip stitch into the next st.and fasten off by leaving a tail
end of yarn approx 30cm long.

It is important to stuff Amigurami toys very firmly so be sure
to use plenty of filling. To give the toys a little extra weight
at the base of the body you could add some dried beans or lentils, but not if the toy is for a very young child.

Where possible sew together using one of the tail ends you left.
Line up the slip stitches from head and body and using a tail end sew the 2 pieces together, be sure to sew stitch for stitch tightly around the whole join. Sew on limbs etc.

Using a sharp needle embroider eyes, nose and other features
as desired,small pieces of felt and beads can also be used.

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