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Shopping Just Got Easier at The Knitting Wool Store
June 27, 2016

The Knitting Wool Store,


Improvements at The Knitting Wool Store--

I know quite a number of you have found my order system at the Knitting Wool Store a little awkward and confusing to use, what with the necessity of having to fill in an order form, wait for the invoice and then make payment.

So in response to popular demand I am very glad to announce that I have now installed a shopping cart system with automatic payment via paypal.

This will make life a lot simpler for everybody, you simply add your items to the shopping cart and then once you have finished shopping click the check out button and you are all done!

No more waiting for invoices to arrive and then remembering to pay them, the whole transaction will be completed during your visit to the Knitting Wool Store and I will then be able to get your purchases straight off to you.

However it is a new system so there may be a few teething problems. Therefore please can I ask if you encounter any difficulties, postage not being calculated correctly for example, that you let me know as it is only that way that I will be able to sort things out, thank you.

If your order is going to be for over 1,800g then it will be necessary for you to send in your order via the order form so that the best postage rate can be applied.

So have fun shopping at

The Knitting Wool Store

All the Best, Ruth. The Knitting Wool Store Beautiful Quality Yarns at Great Prices! 00 359 896 163 885

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