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News from The Knitting Wool Store, Issue #003 -- Super New Arrivals!!
October 21, 2014

The Knitting Wool Store,

I am excited to say that this week we have had a few super new arrivals at The Knitting Wool Store. Firstly a lovely new yarn for all those winter woolies you have been meaning to knit, it is soft, chunky and sparkly, what more could you want!! It is called Kiss Gunesi and comes in a very pretty range of colours at the great price of just £2.15 per 100grams.

Then for all you fans of eyelash yarn we have just introduced Decofur by Alize. This is a lovely soft and fluffy yarn, great for scarves, cowls, soft toys, cushions and all type of craft work, and at just £1.59 per 100grams is great value for money!!

And last but not least is a new Baby Yarn by Alize Yarns.This is a chunkier yarn which is great for blankets, leggings, jackets etc. Also good for jumpers for young children. It is called Burcum Baby Batik and comes in 4 very attractive colour combinations at the brilliant price of just £2.20 per 100 gram ball.

There are plenty of other wonderful yarns at great prices at The Knitting Wool Store so be sure to visit regularly and don't forget to send details of your creations for us to showcase, we always love to receive them.

Cheers for now, Ruth.

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