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Super free Knitting Patterns from The Knitting Wool Store
September 05, 2019

I always love the start of Autumn as it is the time to get the needles clicking again. After the long hot Bulgarian Summer, when it has been just too hot to knit, I look forward to this time of year when I can start planning and working on those autumn and winter projects and Christmas presents etc.

To get you in the mood I would like to share these 3 lovely free sweater patterns with you.

The first is this soft and shapely Cowl Jumper in the gorgeous Alize Alpaca Royal

Next is this lovely sparkly sweater in

Alize Gold Simli
and last but by no means least is this warm and chunky cable knit sweater in Alize Burcum Batik

I do hope that you will feel inspired to try one of these free knitting patterns, but you will find plenty more at The Knitting Wool Store

A note about Postage Costs- here at The Knitting Wool Store we aim to keep our postage costs as low as possible, just covering the actual post itself and secure packaging.

However you can cut your overall costs by bearing in mind that the rate goes up at 500g and then stays the same until 900g and likewise goes up at 1kg. but remains the same until 1,850g.

So you can minimize your postage costs by maximizing your purchase.

You can see all our international economy Postal Rates Here ....

Kind Regards, Ruth. The Knitting Wool Store Beautiful Quality Yarns at Great Prices! 00 359 895 1798 01
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