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Alize Flower Shawl
Knitting  Pattern

Alize Flower ShawlAlize Flower Shawl

Alize Flower Shawl Knitting Pattern - please feel free to use this knitting pattern and whilst we hope it works out well for you the Knitting Wool Store disclaims all  responsibility

Alize Flower Shawl Knitting Pattern Instructions:-

Difficulty : easy

Sizes: Length from back of neck to base 41cm approx

Length from one end of tie to the other 135cm approx

Yarn used: 2 balls Alize Flower, burgundy

Straight Knitting Needles - 7mm straight needles

Notions:2 Large Buttons


Cast on 15 sts. using Alize Flower, work in stocking stitch to 37cm. Increase one stitch at the beginning of  each right side row to 40 stitches. Work straight for 12 rows. Decrease one stitch at the beginning of each right side row to 15 stitches.

Continue in stocking stitch for 20 cms.

Button Hole Row- Row 1K2, cast off 2, K5 cast off 2, K2

Row 2 purl, make 2 by yarn round needle twice, purl 5 make 2 by yarn round needle twice.

Row 3 K2,knit into front of first yrn and back of 2nd.k5, knit into front of yrn and back of 2nd. K 2.

Work one row in purl and then cast off.

Pull any "flowers" on the wrong side through to the right side.

Block out by rinsing in warm water, squeeze dry and then pin to a towel, stretching slightly to obtain best shape and prevent edge curl. Leave to dry. Sew on buttons.

We hope that you enjoy this free knitting pattern, look out for others throughout the site.

Alize Flower Shawl Knitting Pattern-Back View

alize flower shawl

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Alize Flower Shawl Knitting Pattern

shaun the sheep

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