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How to Make a Magic Loop

How to crochet a magic loopMagic Loop

The Magic Loop,sometimes referred to as the Magic Circle, is an alternative way to start a piece of crochet which is to be worked in the round. This method avoids leaving a hole in the centre and is very useful for items were you want to create a tight, dense texture, for instance for toys which are to be stuffed.

Instead of starting with a length of chains, which are then joined in a ring, you begin with a loop.

How to crochet a magic loopFig.1

1, Start by making a loop in the working end of the yarn, leaving a fairly long tail- 6-8"/15-20cm, so you have plenty to work with.Pinch the join of the loop together with the fingers of your left hand producing a loop with a diameter of about 1"/2.5cm.

How to crochet a magic loopFig.3

3,Make the 1st st. into the loop. This example shows UK dc or US sc. You need to insert the hook under both strands of yarn, the yarn forming the loop and that of the hanging tail,then pick up the working yarn and pull through.

How to crochet a magic loopFig.5

5, Continue working in this way until you have made the required number of stitches.

How to crochet a magic loopFig.2

2,Insert your hook from right to left through the loop to pick up the working end of the yarn and make 1ch, this does not count as a stitch.

How to crochet a magic loopFig.4

4,First UK dc or US sc is now worked.

How to crochet a magic loopFig.6

6, Pull on the tail end of the yarn to close the centre gap then join the round with a slip stitch into the first stitch.

The Knitting Wool Store Crochet Techniques How to Crochet the Magic Loop

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