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Knitting Techniques

I hope that you will find this library of Knitting techniques useful. I have started with some of the basics for those of you new to the wonderful craft of knitting and then have included a variety of different techniques such as making buttonholes,pockets, shoulder pads, knitting with circular and double pointed needles, making ponpoms and fringes etc. 

I  will also be including  various you tube videos of different techniques which I hope you will find useful and interesting. I will be changing these regularly as well as adding new techniques as time permits so be sure to check back here regularly.

If you have any particular technique which you think will be of interest or use to our visitors then we would love to hear from you.

Knitting a Tension Square

How to Cast On

Invisible casting On Method

Casting Off

How to Knit

How to Purl

Calculating Yarn Requirements

Yarn Weight Comparison Chart

Joining in a New Ball of Yarn

Knitting on Circular needles

Knitting With Double Pointed Needles (DPNS.)

Blocking Your Knitting

How to Seam Your Knitting

How to Knit Cables

Making Loops Through Back

How to Work The Kitchener stitch

Making Loops Through Front

Knitted Rib Border Variations

How to Knit Socks.

How to Knit an Icord

Knitting Chevron Stripes

How to Make Dorset Buttons

Book- The Compendium of Knitting Techniques

Making Buttonholes

Adding Fringes

How to make a Ponpom

How to make Tassels

How to Knit Bobbles

Knitting Horizontal Pockets

Knitting  Vertical Pockets

Knitting Diagonal Pockets

Knitting Applied Pockets

Knitted shoulder pads

Increasing Stitches

Decreasing Stitches

Picking up Stitches for Neckband, Collar etc.

Wrap and Turn Shaping

How to Knit a V- Neckline

Weaving or Stranding Yarn in Colour Knitting

Correcting Errors in Your Knitting

Knitting Needle Comparison Chart

Knitting Pattern Abbreviations

Crochet Pattern Abbreviations

Knitting & Crocheting Books

Knitting & Crocheting Accessories

Modular Knitting

Beginners, lapsed and returning, and even seasoned knitters will all find much useful and interesting information in "The Compendium of Knitting Techniques" by Betty Barnden, it is one that should be on every knitters bookshelf.

Extra stretchy cast off method, perfect for socks knitted from the toe up

How To Shape with Wrap and Turn

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Knitting Techniques

shaun the sheep

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