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Crocheted Slippers Pattern

crocheted slippers pattern

Crocheted Slippers Pattern- whilst we hope that this free crochet pattern works out well for you The Knitting Wool Store disclaims all responsibility.

US: 5/6½ - 7½/9 - 9½/10½
EU: 35/37 - 38/40 – 41/43
Foot length: 22 - 25 - 27 cm / 8¾”-9¾”-10½”

Materials:  200g Etho

Crochet Hook: size 5 mm 

Gauge: 17 dc x 20 rows =  10 x 10 cm

Crocheted Slippers Pattern Instructions

Beg every dc row with 1 ch (replaces 1st dc).

Make sure that st worked up before it is worked into 1 sl st, is loose enough

After last sl st on the round, continue to next round with 1 sl st in next st (= first st on next round). NOTE! Insert 1 marker at the beg of round between last st on round and first st on round, move the marker upwards.

Decrease 1 sl st as follows: Insert hook in first sl st and pull yarn through, insert hook in next sl st, get the yarn and pull yarn through all 3 loops on hook.

Work on hook size 5 mm with Etho. Work back and forth from heel, then work in the round towards the toe.

Work 23-25-27 LOOSE ch. Work 1 dc in every ch – see CROCHET INFO 1! Turn.
ROW 1 (WS): Work 1 dc in front loop of every dc, turn.
ROW 2 (RS): Work 1 dc in back loop of every dc, turn.
Repeat these 2 rows until piece measures 17-19-21 cm. Fasten off.

Work up sts along one long side of heel, beg from middle row (= mid under foot) as follows:
ROUND 1: READ CROCHET TIP! Work up 15-17-19 sl sts (approx. 1 sl st in every dc-row from heel), work 10 ch (= mid on top of foot), work up 15-17-19 sl sts (approx. 1 sl st in every dc-row from heel) = 40-44-48 sts. READ CROCHET INFO 2.
ROUND 2: Work 1 sl st in back loop of every sl st/ch.
Repeat 2nd round until piece measures 17½-18½-21 cm in total.
Then dec for toes (work all sl sts in back loop of sl st) as follows:
ROUND 1: Dec every 10th-11th-12th st – READ DECREASE TIP = 36-40-44 sl sts.
ROUND 2 (and then on every even numbered round): Work 1 sl st in every sl st.
ROUND 3: Dec every 9th-10th-11th st = 32-36-40 sl sts.
ROUND 5: Dec every 8th-9th-10th st = 28-32-36 sl sts.
ROUND 7: Dec every 7th-8th-9th st = 24-28-32 sl sts.

SIZE 38/40 and 41/43: Repeat 1st and 2nd round 1-2 more times (1st time dec every 7th-8th st, 2nd time dec every 7th st) = 24-24 sl sts.
Then work as follows for all sizes.
ROUND 1: Dec 8 sts evenly (every 3rd st) = 16 sl sts.
ROUND 2 (and then on every even numbered round): Work 1 sl st in every sl st.
ROUND 3: Work all sts 2 tog = 8 sl sts.
ROUND 5: Work all sts 2 tog = 4 sl sts.
Cut the thread, baste it up and down around the tip, pull the thread to tighten and fasten tightly. Slipper measures approx. 22-24-27 cm.

Place the slipper double and sew mid back in outer loops of edge sts to make the seam flat.

Work around the opening on slipper, beg from RS mid back on heel as follows: * 1 sl st in every dc, 1 sl st in every ch mid on top of foot, 1 sl st in every dc *, repeat from *-* the entire round. Continue in the round with 1 sl st in back loop of every sl st until edge measures 3 cm. Fasten off.
Work another slipper the same way.

Fun Family Slippers is a lovely book by Vicki Becker with some super crocheted slipper patterns for all the family.

The Knitting Wool Store Knitting and Crochet Patterns Crocheted Slippers Pattern

Book-Family Fun Slippers by Vicki Becker

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